You can request access by clicking on login at Spotify Analytics.

Here is the guide on how to request access to Spotify Analytics.

We review the requests to Spotify Analytics from a label or licensor only who either own or have distribution rights for the content. In case of a third party requesting access on behalf of a label or a licensor, from security and data integrity perspective, we suggest the request come from the label or licensor directly.

You can use any Spotify account you want, but you do need a Spotify account to get access to Spotify Analytics.

If you requested access on and before 15-Dec-2017, please fill the form again and make sure you have given us all the information. In case you requested it after 15-Dec-2017, we wither are working on your request or may have rejected the request based on incomplete information to verify you as a label or a licensor.

While we do our best to grant access as quickly as possible, it can take a few days. One of the main reasons for delays is that we manually verify each request. To make it easier, please provide as much detail as possible in the form.

If you have access to Spotify Analytics and want to add a team member, ask your team member to provide their information through the request access form.

No, we don’t provide any access to Spotify for Artists through Spotify Analytics. In order to get access to Spotify for Artists, you can reach out to the artists or their manager and ask them to add you as a “team member” in Spotify for Artists.

Yes, you can see the product guide for help with:

  1. Delivering your music through Spotify
  2. Marketing resources
  3. Best practices for labels

You can go to your Spotify account page to change your password and settings, or use the Password Reset link here.