Currently, you can search by any artist, album, or song in your catalogue.

Yes, you can search for an artist, album, and song using a URI. To get the Spotify URI:

  1. Open the Spotify app on a desktop computer.
  2. Search for an artist, album, or song.
  3. Right-click it, or click the three dots icon.
  4. Hover over Share, then click Copy Spotify URI. The code is copied to your clipboard.

If you’re getting an error when trying to search for an artist, album, or song, please try searching by Spotify URI. Please follow the instructions as described in this product guide to find Spotify URI.

If you are still not able to search, it’s likely related to content rights. Get in touch with us for additional help.

On the search page, you can find your recently viewed artists, albums, and songs for quicker access.

Yes, we show the search results in order of Songs, Albums, and then Artists. Within each category, items are sorted in reverse chronological order based on when you last visited them.

We currently show a max of 10 songs, 8 albums, and 8 artists in the search results.