If you’re a label that already works with an aggregator, they’ll get your music on Spotify for you.

If you don’t work with an aggregator, we have deals in place with a number of companies who can deliver your artists’ music to us and collect royalties for you.

We suggest using one of these label aggregators:

These services handle the licensing and distribution of your artists’ music and also pay you royalties when fans stream your artists’ music on Spotify. There’s usually a small fee or percentage cut involved. Each service is unique, so be sure to do some homework before picking one.

If you didn’t add your music to Spotify, it’s likely that your distributor did. For any problems, you can contact them directly.

Otherwise, if you believe your music should not be on Spotify, fill out this form.

To remove your music from Spotify, you’ll need to reach out to your distributor and have them issue a takedown request.

You can also fill out this form to let us know you want it removed.

Our data is powered by label provided metadata. While this accounts for many songs on Spotify, we realize it’s far from all. If a song doesn’t have credits, it means we didn’t receive that information from that song’s label or distributor.

Right now Spotify Analytics is only available in English, but we plan to add more languages in the future.

Spotify Analytics works best on desktop computers right now.

No. Spotify Analytics doesn't show data for the songs that are missing ISRCs. Please work with your distributor or delivery services to ensure all the ingested tracks are ingested with ISRCs.

Streams are reported in Spotify Analytics when a song is streamed for over 30 seconds.